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Random return to desktop v254781

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

Steps to Reproduce
At the time of the crash i was: - planning some digging in the oil biome - deconstructing the gaz pump next to the hydrogen generator (just north of base) - refining some iron (on the left) But it doesnt seem to be directly related to what i am doing. I can usually continue to play a save file for a while without problem.
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10 hours ago, geniusthemaster said:

probably timings of gas pipes and the deconstruction of the gas pump while the gas was recalculated in the length of the gas pipe.

I dont think its related to what i am doing because i did it successfully later.

12 hours ago, Kabrute said:

so based on these logs are you putting sublimating things like frozen chlorine into compactors?

I dont try to store chlorine, but that is the kind of problem i think of...

Maybe transporting ice that sublimate into water?

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