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Radbolt collector needs a power switch off with automation

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Currently  the   automation port   on/off    does not affect the   power use.

I was expecting an off switch or off signal would  turn off the power consumption but apparently the collector is constantly consuming power regardless of the  automation state. green or red.   I was forced to deconstruct the collector  to turn off the power use.

Steps to Reproduce

 build a radbolt collector and hook up automated switch.  turn switch on and off and see power still draining.

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User Feedback


Not sure this is a bug - the tooltip explains that the automation port is for "launch radbolts / don't launch radbolts." I know it's unusual for a disabled building to still consume power, but I think it's by design.

I just put a power cutoff switch nearby for when I want to kill power to the radbolt generators, in addition to the automation switch for controlling when they launch bolts.

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