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Profession morale expectations do not change

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The issue is simple yet very annoying. Morale expectations for the job do not change after you downgrade the profession. This happened specifically to Research Assistant profession. Whatever I do, the morale expectations level stays at 12.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Get to high stress (until the message pops up). 2. Try changing the profession. 3. Profit. Nothing changes in terms of expectations.
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User Feedback


their morale stays at that of their highest tier mastered job.


eg; A dupe with mastery in research assistant can continue to use the super computer when switched to another job, and they keep the +2 learning of course.
A dupe with mastery in supply keeps the +400kg carry bonus and the +2 Str when shifted to another job.
A dupe with mastery in both supply jobs has +4 str and +1200kg carry bonus since the buffs stack, and keeps that when shifted to another job.

All the buffs of a job are kept once it's mastered.

As are all of the expectations

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