Problem while generating a world from this seed

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Attempted to start a game under Classic - Survival with a random seed and received error:

A problem occurred while generating a world from this seed: V-SNDST-C-412946727-0


Error is repeatable, if I try again with the exact same seed, same error is received.


ONI Seed error.png

Steps to Reproduce

New Game



Enter seed number: V-SNDST-C-412946727-0


User Feedback


I've had this twice this week as well. First one happened the day this build first arrived in Test branch, and the second time happened today just a bit ago:

A problem occurred while generating a world from this seed:


Please try again with a different seed.


Unsure if this also happened to you - I noticed when I went back to try again with a new random seed (without closing the game), the main-menu BGM persisted during gameplay (I could hear both musics playing simultaneously, the menu BGM was much louder than the game BGM though). This didn't happen when I closed and reopened the save. I also noticed that it didn't happen when

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