Priority Selector is hard to see and use

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I had to use google and these forums to learn how to set the priority to other than 5. One problem is that the "Set priority level" panel is small; another is that when you select the priority tool, the entire screen changes color so the little sliding-out animation does not register (with me at any rate).

Since two clicks are required for this tool to be useful, the numbers should be big, bright, and visible -- maybe coming up from the Priority Tool button in the lower right, or maybe showing up in the middle of the screen, or allowing/requiring the "Priority Overlay" lines to be clickable.

Also, there should be a keyboard command to set the priority number when using the priority tool.

(If you consider this a feature request, let me know and I'll put it elsewhere; to me it feels like a usability bug.)

Steps to Reproduce
1. Type "P" 2. Look around for the numbers 3. Fail to see the priority level panel :-)

User Feedback

I agree. The priority buttons are too small. They are one of the two UI widgets that I consistently miss clicking on (the other being the Research tab in the upper right). I also dislike that it comes up in two different places. I understand having the bar show up near the thing you just clicked on, but after clicking "ladder", I've already moved my mouse halfway over towards the bottom-right corner before remembering that ladder priority is on the bottom-left.

Also, I really, really want some sort of hotkey for priority. Honestly the 1-9 keys would be more useful for this than the build menu.

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