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Power Shutoffs get stuck in the off state, despite receiving a green automation signal.

There's been several other threads on this issue before; the most recent is from @mathmanican and is posted here:


Through my testing, I have confirmed it has nothing to do with smart batteries, the issue is with power shutoffs, it doesn't effect red automation signal only the green one, the power shutoff can be reset by giving it a red signal, doesn't appear to effect other automation controlled devices, the source of the automation signal seems irrelevant, the inactive/enabled status messages are different depending on if a power shutoff had it's automation signal changed before or after the save/load, and I found the condition that triggers the bug (see next section).

Steps to Reproduce
Save the game while the power shutoff's red automation signal is being changed to a green automation signal, then load that save. Paused/unpaused doesn't matter, and the manner of saving doesn't matter either. I made a YouTube video showing what setup I used to reproduce the bug if that's any additional help: https://youtu.be/bZU3Q13srls

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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