Power shutoff automation gets stuck

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Sometimes the power shutoff gets stuck in the wrong state.  This causes lots of problems in many places, but most often with battery switching designs. I captured the bug, right before it happened, in this save (hoping the exact moment at which the bug occurs can help you track it down). 


Here are some pictures to go along with the bug. 

Here we have two correctly working shutoffs. Notice that the "Enabled by.." or "Disabled by.." message appears FIRST in the tooltip list. 


Here is an incorrectly working shutoff. Notice that the "Inactive" state appears above the "Enabled by..." message. 


Whether this order difference is related or not to the cause of the bug, I did find the inconsistency odd (and hopefully helpful in tracking it down). 

Here are a few others bug reports of this same issue.  I'll link to them all here, and link back from each to this post, to help with cross referencing. 

  • This bug report is stuck in the "active" position (it's not in a battery switching station, but is close to a battery). 
  • Here another battery switching station got stuck in the "inactive" position. 
  • One more, with a save file attached, to illustrate the same problem .

In all of the pictures provided, the state appears above the "Enabled by..." or "Disabled by..." message, whereas working shutoffs always have the order of these messages reversed. 

Steps to Reproduce
Open the save file. Notice that the shutoffs are currently correctly configured (though the game sets all signals to "inactive" at the start). Then watch as all shutoffs go into inactive state, despite two of them receiving an active signal.
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User Feedback


Replacing the directly connection from the smart battery to the shutoff with an OR gate in between fixed my issue. Maybe this is a timing bug that occurs only with smart batteries?  Here is a general forum discussion on this topic, with some pictures of this fix. 


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I have this happen to me all the time and I HATE this error.  The lights and tooltip show that the shut off is supposed to be one way, but it is not.  I hope it is fixed soon.

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I've done some additional testing, and I'm commenting here since this seems to be the most recent (and very well linked) example. 

So, I can reproduce this easily with a single not gate battery flipper/toggle design like you'd see in a "replace heavy watt wire with regular wire" type power design.  All I need to do is set the toggling smart battery to the same percentage for both sliders.  This seems to get me >10% bug reproduction rate (I'm using 50 battery flippers).  When I change the sliders to say 10% apart, then it becomes very difficult to reproduce the bug, but it does still happen. 

Now as for when the bug is triggering... Well I let the game run for a bit without issue.  In this test, as well as actual playthroughs, it has always occurred when loading the game for me.  I have tested auto saves and regular saves, both do it.  I have tested loading from in the game, from the main menu, after closing the game, and after crashing the game.  All were able to reproduce the bug.

Therefore, I believe this issue has to do with the smart battery toggling states during a save, and then that not being handled properly when loading that save.

Additionally, I wire my power shutoffs in pairs, and the pair is always messed up together.  To fix the bug (reliably, every time), I've been able to get everything back to normal by toggling the color of the power shutoff's automation wire to the opposite color.  The same setup is still vulnerable to the bug in the future, even if you fix it once.

My apologies if I don't reply here, I prefer Reddit and only usually come here for bug stuff.

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.... ....

We've found work-arounds for this using all sorts of buildings and systems to turn power change into automation. I'd still like to see this patched though. It affects too many players to be apart of the game in general.




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There was a claim that this was fixed, so I checked, but it is still present in the current live game as of 2020-12-01.

I notice that if I save 1 tick before a power shutoff is given the green signal it will trigger the bug upon loading. (Previously, I thought it was when we saved at the same time as the green signal.)

This can be controlled by watching the signal to an e.g. ribbon reader one stage before the shutoff wire in slow mode (ctrl-F5) (e.g. watching the center wire in this image). To trigger it, you can save when the center is green and the bottom right hasn't yet updated from red.


Here is a device to trigger it 100% of the time without debug.

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