Power circuit status 853.34W with only one 240W consumer

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One of my power circuits is bugged - not only it shows "circuit status 853.34W" (where is should be a whole number), but to this circuit there is only one consumer attached - liquid pump with 240W. Despite that the circuit is overloading, because it sometimes jump above 1000W.



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I have no idea

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The power transformer is counted as a consumer with up to 5kW of consumption(4kW in the latest update). When the Power transformer uses power to charge batteries/supply consumers on the lower end circuit, it is like a generator on the lower end, but consumer on the high end circuit. That's why the high end circuit is overloading.

To solve it you basically MUST use heavi-watt on the high-end circuit.

You can have a look at this electricity tutorial, I hope that helps.


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