Polluted Oxygen spawning from no source [Solved, known issue]

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In my current base, near central to everything, I'm getting polluted oxygen bubbles spawning up from nothing.  No Morbs, no leftover polluted water bottles, there's nothing there.  Décor can't find anything as debris either.  There's some empty sandstone pipes, a few vents, some cots, and some portraits.  Under the constructed tiles that it appears to be spawning from is my coal/CO2 setup, and there's no airlock even close to the point of spawning.

I'd attach the .sav but it appears you can't take that file type.

It was rotting food hiding in a base tile.

Steps to Reproduce
I have no idea how this happened in the first place, sorry.

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You couldn't attach the save cuz you tried to put it under log files, if you used the box immediately under issue description you can attach any kind of file. The box for posting a reply also allows any kind of files.

Please add some pics too btw.

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I had a weird food drop bug... long short, you might have something dirty lodged in a tile. These are unsweepable.

Monitor your o2 overlay and look for a low density po2 spawn location, it's most likely at the bottom of a ladder.

Bottled po2 emits 8.5g every 4 seconds or so. Slime 41.7 every other second... polluted dirt from an outhouse or an outhouse itself will emit po2.

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Thank you Plum Gate and BlueLance, I found it, and you're right, it was rotting Meal Lice.  Another instance of it was slime being carried through a really weird path in my base.  So, bug known, wrong concern.  Thanks!

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