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Pokeshell storage

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I was looking to put some store the ingredients for making lime near my ore crusher, and noticed that the pokeshell molt entry is under 'industrial ingredient' instead of 'organic' like eggshell.  And also it appears twice.

pokeshell storage.jpg

Volcano Town.sav

Steps to Reproduce
dig into a salty biome to gain access to wild pokeshell wait for them to molt a shell in a place where duplicants can access, mark for sweep check storage container to accept it
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User Feedback

Appearing twice isn't a bug, there are 2 different "pokeshell molt" items, one is an actual molt, and the other is an adult's shell left behind when they die.

It is a bit odd they are considered industrial ingredients, I guess it's because they aren't compostable like eggshells are.

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I think it's still kinda odd that they don't stack together despite being used for the same purpose and have the same name.  It's a small thing, but it just doesn't 'seem' intentional.

I mean, the fiber produced by the Thimble Reed plant and the fiber harvested from the backs of Dreckos are both considered 'reed fiber' and stack together.

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