Plumbing overlay help box describes liquid flow incorrectly

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

This is more of a suggestion to change the text, but I read "Liquid flows from Output Pipe -> Building Intake" as telling me that in one given building with an Intake slot and Output slot, that the building takes liquid in through the Output and puts it out through the Intake (of course it's the other way round though). Suggest changing this to something like "Liquid flows into a Building's Intake and out through t he Output Pipe"?

Plumbing Overlay Tip Issue.png

Steps to Reproduce
Press F6 to view the Plumbing Overlay and see the issue text on the top right of the screen.

User Feedback

Liquid flow in pipes from from Output Pipe to Building Intake, not in building itself.


Well, Klei. You want common players, you give common players. :D


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