[Piping] Water not flowing through

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I'm not 100% if this is intended, but my waterpiping doesn't seem to work properly.


Steps to Reproduce
At one point I made a T split near the bottom level to the elektrolyser to the far right, that the left elektrolyser stop receiving water, I then converted to a single long pipe path thinking the T might be the problem but that didn't fix it.

User Feedback

I have found that the game really dislikes when you run a pipe directly over an inlet/outlet port. try branching the inlets and outlets so its not directly connected to the main pipe.
so basically:

    |____[  ]_|                         |              |
              ll        instead of      |____[  ]_|
>=========>                    >======ll==>  

Having a bit of a buffer to my pipes has solved most if not all of my pipe issues thus far.

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