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Piping and Ventilation System Needs Revamp

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Hi All,

Current system is ok. But there is a LOT of room for improvement.


1. When a pipe is split 3 way (1 input and 3 output) the water is diverted equally in 3 lines. But when 1 or 2 of the outlets are filled with water, the third outlet should get water continuously instead of waiting 2 instances before sending water there (This is done repeatedly)

2. There are instances where running a pipe through an inlet like the hydroponic farms doesn't let water for the other plants in a row. Ie, If 20 plants are placed continuously and a pipe is run continuously through all 20 of them, only 2 gets water and remaining don't get any. This happens only sometimes and especially when a game is loaded.

3. There is spontaneous heat or cold damage to ventilation pipes even when the air transported through there is at normal temperature. Even when the pipe is reconstructed, the same bug occurs repeatedly. Even after removing the ventilation pipe and rerouting through a different path, same problem happens (If the damage occurs in the 10th pipe from the starting, the damage occurs at the 10th pipe from the start even if the path is rerouted). Occurs sporadically.

4. Something needs to be worked out for watering sleet wheat plants. Inputting water at 5 degrees is fine, but its hard work. A slight off balance and everything goes off. A better way is really needed. (Please don't quote saying its possible... I know ... I mean there should be a better way to do it). Cold damage threshold needs to be reduced.

And lastly, Heat management should be the upgrade after Ranching Mark 2. Currently, Heat management sucks in the game!


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User Feedback


1. Bridges are your friend and will likely also solve problem 2.  3 is a bug that has been reported before but new reports are always welcome, best to give each bug its own report with as much supporting evidence as possible especially what you can find that may cause said bug and screen shots of them happening, etc.  4 is not a bug but I def understand your grief to the point that I freerange my sleetwheat as long as possible now.  cheers and best of luck to you.

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1 to 3 are - I believe - known bugs. There are workarounds for them:

1 has a workaround here:

2 can be worked around by splitting the pipe before inputs and leaving just a few or even just one input on each branch

3 can be "solved" by using abyssalite pipes. They don't seem to have the problem.


Regarding 4, It is definitely possible to irrigate the wheat with water substantially warmer than 5 C. You don't need to cool the water that much if you manage to cool the wheat. I use water at about 20 C for sleet wheat, and I cool the farm with wheezeworts. Everything works fine, you can check it in the save I posted here:


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