petrolium generator doesn't consume petrolium

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Well, AYCS, I`ve try many ways to set the input liquid these generators don't care much. PG consumption rate is 2k petro/s.


League Cycle 156.sav

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well. IDK.

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The pipe was not done. And when the pip is done it will activate when battery is at 0% at your current setup. 

But you have manual generators that will take up the power again over 0% before it can activate. 

So what you have to do disable manual generators or

change the % on the battery to a much higher % to like 70-90% and it will activate before dupes want to run on the manual generator.

And you dont have any power draw on the system. so it will not run much. But if you want to test that it works deconstruct the automation wire.

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1 hour ago, darekadareka said:

But why does it say insufficient resources?

Because its empty from the beginning. The input ports opens, when the generator needs it. It never opened....

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