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Perhaps this function is wrong. (wildish seed / cosmic archaeology)

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I may be wrong, but those two don't seem right.

1.wildish mutant seeds do not benefit the user at all when the growth rate is 350%. For example, wildish mealwood has a growth time of 12 cycles and does not consume dirt, whereas a cultivated wildish mealwood has a growth time of 13.5 cycles and consumes dirt. 25 rad is also required.


2.cosmic archaeology achievements are not attainable in all colonies. I got 10 artifacts on every planet (in debug mode) including the broken satellites, but the same artifacts (mostly 'Mugs') don't seem to increase the count of 'Terrestlia Artifacts'.



Steps to Reproduce

(cosmic archaeology)

1. Create a spaced out! style map. (regardless of type) // Classic style does not have 10 artifacts.

2. Acquire Artifacts of [Starting Planet (1), Radiation Planet (Broken Satellite 1), Water Planet (2), Ice Planet (1), 52b Planet (2), Magma Planet (1), Asteroid (2)] .

3. Remove neutronium from the station.

4. I made more than 10 maps, but regardless of the source of the artifact, the count of 'Terrestlia Artifacts' was 7-9.

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