Pacus impossibly hard to tame

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Giving the wild Pacus food with the food dispenser tames them slowly, but after some time the wild-level grows back to "100% wild" although the food dispenser has enough ressources in it. Pacus then won't eat anymore food from there.

Do the pacus need different kinds of food every cicle or is it ok too if you feed them with only one kind of food?

I started the game multiple times, but i have never achieved a 100% tamed pacu. in older versions this was no problem at all for me.

Steps to Reproduce

Just build a food dispenser for pacus and choose only one kind of food-ressource

User Feedback

This may not be a bug. Pacus needs several generation to be transformed into a gentle one. It is only because the egg can inherit the percentage of the wildness from the egg layer. Usually, after 4 generation, a pacus can be tamed.

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