Oxygen Not Included: Mushbars disappearing randomly?

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My food randomly disappeared after I declined a new duplicate!

Steps to Reproduce
Not sure if this is an issue with anyone else, but I was running business as usual, this is my best play through as of yet, People are happy, no stress, plenty of oxygen, jobs are getting done, food is gathered/made (Mush bars, I don't believe they expire)! Hurray! BUT when I was around 36,000 food or so, it suddenly dropped down to 6,000 food after I declined a new duplicate, (I had 8 duplicates all set to 1000cal so it shouldn't have dropped that drastically)! I am not sure if these things are connected or not, but its quite annoying trying to build up my food storage!

User Feedback

It's not a bug, food rots. The new update will make a rot pile (or some such thing) and a notification will warn you food has rotted.

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