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Oxyferns Super Compress CO2 at their base

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In my base I have about 15 oxyferns on irrigation tiles that I am using for oxygen production. The only problem I am currently experiencing with them is that they super compress the CO2 around them at the base of the oxyfern and I will have up to 20kg of CO2 in one spot while the surrounding air is only pressurized to 1-2kg of oxygen/CO2.

Steps to Reproduce
Plant a bunch of oxyferns on irrigation tiles at the bottom of your base and watch the CO2 build up.
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User Feedback

This sounds like a direct consequence of them outputting a lot of oxygen at their top, displacing the carbon dioxide down continually, due to gas separation. They should be fine if spaced out, but of course it's more intuitive as a player to bunch them up... Maybe they should randomly alternate whether the oxygen outputs at top or bottom slowly over time, so that there's always some shakeup of the gasses when they're bunched up.

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