Overlapping text in daily report

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When viewing the errands section of the daily report, there's overlapping text:


When the cursor hovers over the garbled text is clears to "Store Algae", but goes back to garbled as soon as the cursor goes away.

Attached are the list of available fonts as listed by fc-list, and my system's fontconfig default configuration files.



Steps to Reproduce
View the errands section of a daily report.

User Feedback

Narrowed it down: this happens when a line in errands says "Life support supply to [building]" or "Operations supply to [building]".  In either case line-wrap causes "[building]" to appear on the next row down, overlapping the name of the errand for that row.  So it would seem that the issue is that the errand name column isn't wide enough to fit the entirety of the "[blah] supply to [blah]" text.

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