[OU-230787] Picked up 0 [insert food here]

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Food decays in kitchen because Dupes are not able to pick it up:


In this case there are 20 or more Liceloaf to be picked up, but the pick up fails. The same with Pepper Bread and Fried Mushroom. Savegame attached.

Leaky Tunnel.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I don't know how to reproduce, but the workaround was to reload the savegame.

User Feedback


Finally somebody posts a save with a repeatable 0 food pop-up bug.

Here's how it looks when the fractional part isn't chopped off (these are hard to screenshot).


Not sure which item it's taking from since there is one with 9.999807 units and one with 9.99288 units.
The 0 pop-up, while annoying, isn't the bug. The bug is that they are allowed to pick up 0.000003814687 units.

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.... .... .... ....

Any update on this? I have a dupe stuck "retrieving 0 Sleet Wheat Grain" from an electric grill. Reloading the save does not fix the problem.

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