On 4K resolution, Tech tree too large

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When playing in 4K resolution, the tech tree/research screen is super zoomed in/large, even at farthest zoom out level.  UI scale may play a role in this as well, since at 4K I run the UI at 160% size to be visible from the couch.  See attached screenshot, it is zoomed all the way out.  Switching to 1080P resolution and 115% UI scale works around the problem.


Steps to Reproduce
Set resolution to 4k and UI scale to 160%. Build research station. Check tech tree.

User Feedback

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On 7/31/2019 at 12:22 AM, Barmatox said:

I agree the scaling on 4k resolution is absolutely not great but this is not a blocking issue.

I don't see where I stated it was a blocking issue.  I was simply trying to make the devs aware that an issue existed.  I even included steps to work around the problem until fixed, so its clear that I don't see it as a blocking issue.  So not sure why you brought that up.

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