Offscreen conveyor not transferring heat

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Material travelling on a conveyor that is offscreen does not transfer heat sometimes. This happens when the conveyor is diagonally offscreen to the lower left or upper right. Heat transfers properly when the conveyor is to theĀ upper left, lower right, or directly above/below/left/right.



Conveyor Bug.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Load save, select the conveyor rail just before the dropper, pan to the upper right, unpause. Observe diamond on rail is unchanged at 500C. Pan down, diamond on the rails will start exchanging heat and cool down once you are directly to the right of the conveyor. Pan back to the upper right and heat exchange stops again after a few moments. Pan clockwise around the edges of the map and observe heat exchange starting and stopping.
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

This might explain the troubles I've had building a regolith cooler/salt water destiller. At least the conveyor heat transfer needs some serious attention.

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I can now confirm that I also experience that conveyor heat transfer does not behave the same while off-screen. Thus in the current state the conveyor feature is too unpredictable to be of any use if the temperature is not the same for all enteties transported and along the route.

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Heat transfer to/from conveyored items is also different depending on wether the items are moving or stopped due to the rail being full. When they move, they have a very high heat transfer to tiles overlapping the rail (assuming the off-screen bug is not preventing it). When they are stopped, they only seem to transfer heat to neighboring items on the rail. This last heat transfer seems not to be affected by the off-screen bug mentioned here. I think it is very unexpected for players that the heat transfer depends (that much at least) on wether the items are moving or not.

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