[OC-259633/840]Painting Hydroponic Farm Tiles over Regular Tiles

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I've noticed that when painting a Hydroponic Farm Tile directly ontop of an existing Regular Tile (instead of first removing the later via deconstruct, and then placing the Hydroponics Tile) will cause a strange problem:
As soon as the Hyroponics Tile finishes building, it will be instantly broken und dupes start to "Dig it out" and they don't stop.

I'm not 100% sure if this is related to pre-existing liquid pipes on the tile. I'll provide a saved game and some screenshots of this problem later when I find the time.

Edit: added savegame



Hydroponic Tile Pressure Damage.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build regular tile. Build hydroponics tile onto the exact same tile, in purpose of removing the old tile. Not sure if liquid pipe is involved or not (it WAS involved when I had the problem for the first time though)
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User Feedback

I noticed something similar to that in OC-256131, the building "ghost" wouldn't disappear, and the dupes would continue building all the time (I don't think it showed the "broken" tooltip, however)

On a sidenote, the game seems to allow building farm tiles over regular tiles, but not the other way round (?)

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