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[OC-256131] Gas / Liquid filter icon color is incorrect

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When looking at the filter settings for gas or liquid filters, the upper icon's color is inconsistent -
Generally, the input is a white arrow, facing into a 'tunnel', with the outputs being green for regular and orange for filtered, both having the arrow face out of that 'tunnel'.

However, in filters, the regular output is drawn in a white color (instead of green). The arrow's direction appears to be correct.

I noticed that, when I was building a larger pipe system as the liquid backed up at some point... checking my filter settings, I didn't notice any errors... until I realized that the white connector is obviously supposed to be the input - not the unfiltered output.

oni filter label.png

Steps to Reproduce
1) Build a filter (gas or liquid). 2) Select the filter, so that the filter settings pop up. 3) Check the top-most icon, which is supposed to be green in order to match the color scheme in the pipe overlay.
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