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O2 Bugged

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image.thumb.png.8b1def6634707febee1e4baee3638e0d.pngOxygen (Breathable) is labeled Unbreathable with no surface germs or pollution at all, pls fix my dups are dying to this

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Not even sure, ive just noticed this bug

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The amount of oxygen in the cell is extremely low, that's why it's Unbreathable (btw, polluted oxygen is breathable, "breathability" is not about type of gas). Dupes can consume oxygen only when it's around 50mg+ but will gain extra stress, and it'll be okay for them to breathe in environment with 300mg+ of oxygen, see here:

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Notice the warning at the top, left of the screen... "No oxygen generator built"... That's your bug... You can't breath oxygen if you are not creating it! Welcome to "Oxygen not included"... The solution is in the title of the game. You need to create the "non-included oxygen"... (Kindly, they gave you some to start, so the title is actually a lie. Obviously, you used it all up. Time to make some more now.)

That pump is obviously sucking out all the oxygen. As stated, you have only 22.4mg... Normally you should have about 1-2kg (1,000-2,000g) {1,000,000-2,000,000mg}... You have [0.022g], you should have 2,000gĀ for most living spaces. The gas, which is present, is "a breathable gas"... It's just not at "breathable levels".

You do realize that 22mg is about the size of a pill, like a multi-vitamin... A pills worth of oxygen, expanded to the space of about a cubic meter. (3'x3') Hard to live off that tiny bit of air. Leave your door open, there is slightly more air outside the air-lock... But you see it is purple, so it is "barely breathable", as opposed to being "unbreathable" when it is red.

When it turns "blue", that is normal breathing levels.

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