"not okay but pretty cool" achievement not activating

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if if you cool an item down to 1K (or below 6K) the achievement isn't obtained




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if if you cool an item down to 1K (or below 6K) the achievement isn't obtained

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based on this post , i am assuming this will be fixed in the next patch (:

On 11/7/2019 at 10:58 PM, klei.ruby said:

Changed Status to Fixed

Thanks for the save files!
In the next update it should award the achievement as intended if your buildings are below the threshold.

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Can I please ask what counts as a "building" for this achievement?

I have the following, but none of them appear to be counted (save attached):
* Mess table, 4.7K + 4.5K
* Robo miner, 4.7K
* Liquid tank, 4.7K
* Pumps, 4.7K + 4.5K
* Tempshift Plates at 4.5-4.7K
* Drywall at 4.5-4.7K
* Several ladders, 4.7K
* Hydrosensor at 4.7K

The Subterranean Burrow.sav

Second try after the save above (didn't attach this save):
* Deodorizer failed to trigger
* Battery failed to trigger
* Bottle Emptier failed to trigger
* Critter Drop-off failed to trigger

Third try (save attached):
* Mechanized Airlock, 4-5K
* Kiln, 4-5K

Achievement is reporting that the coldest "building" is 16.1K - but I've searched and cannot find anything on the map at that temperature. There's insulation tiles at 15.9K, so it's not counting tiles. There's a hydrosensor at 16.2K - but that already failed in the first attempt. I'm extremely frustrated at this point - especially as the mechanized airlock was the originally reported building for this issue that had been marked as fixed (and since it was fixed a couple of weeks prior to the release of Meep's Recreation Pack I had believed that this bug fix was in the pack).

The Subterranean Burrow.sav

Following advice from this comment: 

I tried exiting the game and loading the second of the save files I'd uploaded. The achievement was granted on loading the game. This means that it had not been properly granting it during play...it shouldn't have needed a game reload in order for the achievement to trigger. I then went back and retested the original save game I uploaded - and it also triggered immediately on load. I spent a bit over 2 hours of testing & frustration trying to trigger this achievement...and all I actually needed to do was exit the game and then restart the game and load the save. :-/ 

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