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My Duplicants have access to food, but won't eat

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I was playing oxygen not included, and I realized some of my duplicants were dead from starvation. I went to the save file for the last cycle as I hadn't gotten much done anyway, and it kept happening. I made everyone's cook priority as high as possible, and they wouldn't eat. (Maybe they would rather die than eat a mush bar) they still cooked, and not all of them refused to eat. (also something about a schedule popped up, and told me to press U, and there was nothing to do with schedules)

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I have duplicants starving when there are 8+ full fridges, 250,000kg of energy available. I can make them eat by pressing 'move to' but it is very annoying to have to repeatedly do that. I've check consummerables, they can all eat everything, they are just forgetting to or choosing not to eat. I had this problem before the latest update as well.

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