Multiple Bugs

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending
  1. unreachable dig message shown on building is not totally fixed
  2. when going to sleep their hats returns back to their head for 1 frame
  3. sometimes dupes are not using the mess table in a mess hall even
  4. vending machine returns back to full instead of empty after loading

Steps to Reproduce
most are graphical bug dupes directly eat and do not go to a messhall use the vending machine, save and load the game

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


Please make one report per bug so it is easier for devs to track which are fixed and which are in progress and which are not bugs at all. Also please provide more info than one liners, such as screenshots, reproduction steps, save files and when reporting crashes log files.

For e.g.


unreachable dig message shown on building is not totally fixed

In what situations are they not fixed? And how are they not fixed? If only when you did things in a certain way then what way is that? Can you provide a save file that shows this on load? etc....

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