morbs escape while dupe carrying it

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sometimes morbs escape when a dupe is carrying it from a trap to a relocator. In the attached scene, the problem just happened. The morb wandering at the bottom of the base near the mushrooms was trapped in a creature trap in the outhouse above it. A dupe went to relocate it, but the morb escaped while he was carrying it.


Steps to Reproduce
open attached scene. the problem just happenned before I saved. Might be long to repro not sure. But if you debug trap morbs in my scene, the problem should eventually happen...

User Feedback


I have the same issue. It's not the first time it happen, this trap system is nice but moving creatures really don't work...

So I took the time to see it happen, in my save you just have to wait and some dupe will shortly come and take the slickster in the oil biome at the bottom of my base.

The dupe take the creature but release it after a random duration, it happens while opening a door, while climbing a ladder...


Maybe because it's far and the dupe need to breathe, piss, eat so he stopped carring it...

Anyway, it's boring cause the traps aren't cheap...

Hope you will find how the fix this !



Inescapable Spacecamp.sav

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This is annoying! It's happening to me too, but by dupes are wearing exosuits.  The slicksters will get caught in the traps, my dupe will come down to get it and as soon as its bagged, the dupe will hop back out

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i have same issue, and when i teleport that critter back, it always leave immediately trough closed doors or even walls to same spot from where it was teleported

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