Metal Refinery is storing 45 tons of steam inside of it.

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My metal refinery has 45 tons of steam stored inside of it.

ONI metalrefinery.jpg

Refinery Water Bug.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I wasn't paying attention to it for a while, at some point I think the output pipe broke and I deconstructed it and at some point I deactivated the building. Came back to it after a while, deconstructed it to reconfigure that part of the base, the whole base fills up with steam so I reload and see what happened and found that it had 45 tons of steam inside of it.

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This is not a bug. As the metal refinery will store the heated coolant inside and release it after each order. That means water shouldn't be used as coolant. Super coolant is the best, but crude oil works too. 

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Not sure it will work, but you could cool the refinery to turn it back into water so it can leave out the pipe.
Otherwise, you could try "empty storage" but not sure if the steam will go into the environment or into canisters.

Edit: LMAO. DO NOT EMPTY STORAGE. I dumped steam all over your base that quickly turned into water.

Yeah, you gotta either stop using water, or check the temperature before it comes in. From quick testing I did yesterday, smelting steel increases polluted water by 92F or so. Your input PW would have to be 130F or less to be safe.

Also, unrelated, your petroleum generators are powering 1 smart battery that are automated to stop at 100%. Just one burst of all those generators gives you about 20-30% of a battery charge. You are wasting a ton of petroleum, making a ton of CO2, and heating everything up for no reason. Set that battery to 70/60 and you will get a battery filled to 90% or so going from 60% even with the shutoff at 70%.

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