Metal refinery creates unsweepable bottles.

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Metal refinery is creating tons of untargetable unsweepable polluted water. It does emit PO.


Here are the screenshots.





Steps to Reproduce
Refer to screen shots.

User Feedback

These bottles likely will not appear after first loading the save, they didn't for my game. But the duplicants will quickly vacuum up nothing, and then bottles will appear. I have seen these so often, I actually thought they were just part of the Metal Refinery graphic. This icon can also change from polluted water to regular water. These bottles appear after the Metal Refinery is operated, why wouldn't this system be closed with the water inlet and outlet connections?

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I get these a lot too.  Had no one reported it previously?  It's been happening since at least the Tubular update.  The bottles aren't necessarily always polluted water, it just seems to spit out half of it's coolant (whatever it is) to the pipe, and half to a bottle.  There's been a few discussions about this on the forums, including these 2:


Edit: Despite being untargetable and unsweepable, if you have an appropriate bottle emptier a dupe will eventually come pick it up.

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