Med bay - requirements fulfilled, not recognized

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I have a room enclosed for use as a med bay. The room contains 1 outhouse, 1 washbasin, 1 massage table, 1 med-bed.

The context tip in the room overlay says "missing one table" and "remove conflicting buildings."

I've removed each building and replaced it -- some will remove the "remove conflicting buildings" text, but the table is not recognized. 


Unrelated to the bug report: I love this game.

Steps to Reproduce
1) Build med-bed, outhouse, washbasin and massage table near each other. 2) Power the massage table. 3) Enclose the area with tiles and a door. 4) Room appears as "miscellaneous room" with errors preventing it from becoming a med bay.

User Feedback

.... ....

Yes, I can confirm what Kroning said. It's not a bug, just a bad set of instructions.
You can make either a medical bay, or a massage clinic. You need to remove the massage table and add a mess table to make the medical bay. 

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