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Mechanized Airlock deleting fluid

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Randomly when the mechanized airlock closes, instead of displacing the crude oil I'm using, it deletes it. This room has worked fine for over 30 cycles before this. I cannot consistently replicate the problem. 3 of 4 attempts, the oil was deleted, the other attempt worked fine. Included the auto save from the start of the day.

03 door closed.JPG

02 Door mid-close.JPG

01 Door open.JPG

Uncomfortable Spacejunk Cycle 154.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Just let the door close. Changing the timing of the automation clock for when the door closes has no impact on the error.
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User Feedback

This is most likely an example of an old known problem, and has to do with if the oil has a valid place to go. Liquids will not displace gas that has no adjacent tile of the same gas (as then the gas gets deleted), so if the co2 and oxygen above it are blocking eachother, the oil gets deleted instead. one work around is adding just enough oil that the tiles above the door have a thin layer, then it shouldn't delete as it has a place to go.

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You've already figured out what's going on. If the door closes with a packet of CO2 just above it (Materials Overlay makes it easy to see and repro), the engine tries to first displace the CO2 and O2 above the door. It fails to displace the CO2 and so fails to displace the oil. At this point the door has begun closing and so there is nothing to do with the oil but delete it.

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