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Mechanic Doors Problem

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I have an area where there is water, and duplicants fetch water there. Now the air is unbreathable there and i wanted to lock it off with mechanical airlocks and a mechanized airlock for the contaminated water output of my filterer. 

The problem with the mechanized airlock is:

- i tried to build it between a ladder, the outlet for the wire is in the bottom

- the door isnt wired, but it is closed, i tried to have duplicants open it, but to no avail

- I had tried to open it several times, but the duplicants seem to busy, I prioritized the door, but that wasnt possible.- Prioritzing the wire doesnt work either, after 5 cycles still nothing

- I tried to deconstruct the door, but it just doesnt happen, nobody pays attention to this door.

- when i check back, theres two duplicants dying in the area next to it, also locked but with the other mechanical door. They couldnt get out, the mechanical door wasnt set to default settings.

- one of the dead duplicants died somewhere under a tile, out of range of vision


- i would like a ladder tiled air lock system. So one square instead of two which fits between the ladders.

- mechanized door should get a priority system


Build CL# 206776
Cycle 40
9 Duplicants before the 2 died.



Steps to Reproduce
Build a small area sealed off with a mechanical door

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