Manual Generators think battery is sufficiently full, workers wont use

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After loading into my game today, I hadn't played for about 1 week, none of my workers would use my manual power generators. The generators were set at priority 5,6, and 7 with corresponding power thresholds at 75, 60, 50. They were wired to a Power Transformer that then attached to batteries. Batteries which were empty, this setup worked the last time I was playing, so I'm confused at why it doesn't work anymore. This may be user error, but it seems like a bug.


Steps to Reproduce
Prerequisites 1. Unlock research Advanced Power Regulation Steps 1. Create 3 manual generators. 2. Create a Power Transformer. 3. With small wires, wire 2 manual generators to the power transformer's input 4. Wire the final manual generator to the power transformer with a unique wire that doesn't touch the other manual generators. 5. From the output of the transformer use Heavy Watt wire to wire the power transformer to 3 batteries. 6. Wire this system to power requiring objects.

User Feedback

Just noting that I observed this issue after the latest update. Same story as above (analogous power network): existing previously-functional electrical network isn't working anymore since dupes won't use the manual generators.

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FWIW I had this happen with Natural Gas generators - the issue was the C02 outputs being hooked up in series.  The 2nd one would say 'batteries sufficiently charged' until I redid the exhaust piping


Exhaust1 -> Duct -> Exhaust2 -> Duct -> Vent


Exhaust1 ->   Duct ->  Duct -> Vent

Exhaust2 ->     Duct   ^

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