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Lumber disappears after 100 ton stacking

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Lumber starts disappearing after dropping/stacking it on a single tile past 100 tons. It does not start showing more stacks of lumber (compared to having multiple tons of regolith).

The environment  was in a vacuum, the lumber dropped by a conveyor chute and swept by sweepers to be delivered to the ethanol distillers.

As the dupes delivered to the conveyor loader to have it dropped from the chute, whenever the stack got "past" 100 tons, if the sweeper picked up from the stack, the amount of lumber would start to decrease from 100 tons, not as if there was more than 100 tons or that there were multiple stacks.


Steps to Reproduce
Have item stacked/dropped on a single tile "past" 100 tons, then immediately have items used for other purposes
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
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Here's a gif to make it easier.


You can't see from the gif, but there is no other debris pile that forms.

All items have a 100t limit.


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This also makes warning in output_log.txt:
"{0} is getting an abnormal mass set {1}."

I believe setting maxStackSize to something other than float.Max also for EntitySplitter, similar to ElementSplitterComponents 25t might be the solution as CanFirstAbsorbSecond() will then return false.


EntitySplitter.maxStackSize = 3.40282347E+38f;
ElementSplitterComponents.MAX_STACK_SIZE = 25000f;
PrimaryElement.MAX_MASS = 100000f;


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