Lowering a job tier does not lower a duplicant's morale needs

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I can't seem to remove the tier level from a duplicant's job, and it's stressing him out. I have tried moving his job to a lower tier, fully changing the job, and removing all jobs from the duplicant. Even unemployed, the duplicant still cannot de-stress. He's eventually going to binge eat himself to death. :(


Take a look at the save I've attached. I'm not sure how this happened.



Steps to Reproduce
1: Master Scientist job 2: Start failing to provide a proper morale for the job 3: Try to move the dupe to another job. The job changes, but the requirement tier does not.

Status: Known Issue

We are aware of this issue and have it logged internally but either we do not have a fix ready yet or we are not planning on addressing the issue in the immediate future.

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'Mastering' a certain job fixes that dupe's morale need to that job's level. If you cannot afford that morale, you can downgrade the job "before" the dupe masters it. Then the morale need will also be downgraded, but bonus traits from that job will also be gone. (While changing the job after mastering wouldn't take out the bonus)

I think You can suggest to make this information more visible if you couldn't find elsewhere in the game.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

Hi @joelkillspeople, thanks for bringing up this issue. As @GnyoR mentions, the system is working as intended but the presentation is unclear. We are looking to improve the presentation of this.

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