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Long save loading in late game

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I'm on 811 cycle and my saves load 10-15 minutes or even can't load at all. Before — on 600-700 cycle — saves was loading long, but anyway it took less time than now This means I just can't play 800+ cycles, but thus there's no sense to play at all
My PC: RAM 16gb
Proccessor: 6core 3.3GhZ 
Nvidia GeForce 1070Gtx    Game is set to SSD

Steps to Reproduce
load save
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User Feedback

2 hours ago, Crapig said:

If your first loading is normally,
Don't save and load
Do save alt+f4 restart load

That's what I am doing.

This is still not the solution. Even if it works, long loading problem should be solved

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