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Little detail with the pause ( || ) button top left

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Just a little detail that doesn't affect gameplay:

When you pause the game, the || icon is light up, and when the game is running it is not.

If you pause the game (||ON) , open the research tab(||ON), and close the Research tab, the || will go off(not light up), while the game will still be paused.

I guess it has to do with the fact that when the game is running, if you open the research tab, the game pauses, and when you close it the game runs again. So if you pause the game before opening the tab, when you close it, it changes the || state(only the display), but still goes back to the state it was before opening the tab(game paused).

Well, i hope this makes sense to you, english is obviously not my mother tongue :p.

Steps to Reproduce
Just pause the game, open Research tab, close research tab, and look at the grey || icon(that should be light up).
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User Feedback


I have the same issue when accessing the Options menu. Closing the menu turns off the pause button although the game is still paused. Unpausing still works correctly.

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