Liquid Pump Not Pumping

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I finally had my ideal world and I had my setup for a giant water storage with a pump. 

I had the power source, the output pipes connected and a source to take in the water. It would pump two or three water sources then stop unannounced. 


Whenever I destroyed it and built another it would do the same thing. However, another pump I made in a separate area worked just fine as well as several air pumps in that same close by area (within 5 blocks).


I hope I am bringing up a new bug because I tried to find the pump bug beforehand and it didn't show up.

Steps to Reproduce
I was providing power to the pump 24 blocks up and 7 blocks to the left through several beds, pumps, ladders and ceiling lights.

User Feedback


I won't create a separate one, cause it might be related.
Empty pipe - the pump worked fine, but suddenly there is no water in pipes - yet the pump animation is going on, it does not state not pumping and water level is going down. loading game or turning pump on and of reseted the behaviour.


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I have come across the same problem. I am unable to run my liquid pumps, which means I can't use poluted water in my tank, purify it and use it for oxygen generation. I would be really glad if you repair this bug, my colony will die soon if I do not provide any oxygen :D algea run out and my 3 slime purifiers do not produce enough algea to sustain the colony :) 

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.... .... ....
12 minutes ago, Wade said:



Can you post your save files so we can take a look at them? It could be an issue with pressure in the pipes, and the layout of your plumbing.

Doubt the bug still exists as that was from 34 days ago.

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