Latest update camera stutters on new maps, doesn't happen on older versions.

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Starting a new map, pressing play, scrolling quickly around the map at results in major stuttering. Doesn't really bring FPS down at all. I created about 10 different saves to test the issue. It's definitely something to do with the latest version of the game.

Using a guide to convert to an older version of the game with steamDB, version 366134 (just picked a random one from a couple months ago) fixes the issue. I am going to play on this version for the time being.

Steps to Reproduce
Creating a new game. (Loading older maps that was created on older versions of the game does not have the same issue. Issue only persists on maps made on the newer client)
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User Feedback

I have the exact same issue, and noone is willing to/has the skills to help me solve it. Can you please explain how you rolled back the version? This version is not enjoyable for the simple fact that it has this stuttering. 

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Update, wish someone could respond to this. Just tested the latest update, same issue. New maps, panning the camera around is a stutter fest with 150+ FPS.

If I alt tab out and tab back in it seems to stop it for a few mins. However, if I go to the main menu, then load back into the map the issue is there again. Horrible screen stuttering on new maps.

Issue doesn't exist on older maps. Only maps made with the new client.

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I just re-launched to test if the issue has been fixed and still no response on this issue? Tried a new save, camera stutters all over the place. Pretty much unplayable.

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