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I think the large power transformer is not working as intended, or as it says in the in-game description of the item.  To test this, I hooked an 8kW source with 400kJ of battery storage to 30 tepidizers.

A single large Power transformer limits the power to 3.84kW (4 tepidizers) in this configuration, most of the time.   This implies the 4kJ of transformer storage gets used in 1 second.

One tick every 4 seconds, it outputs 25.92kW (27 tepidizers) - turns out 3 weren't covered so this is the max load. No line damage noted yet.   If we can take the transformer energy reading at face value, this implies the energy is being used in 68 msec.

A single small power transformer limits the power to one tepidizer (960W).  All the time.  So this at least appears to be working as intended.SmallPTLimiter.jpg.411e847f38c2200147bcc83eacc6dbf8.jpg

3_84kW PT.jpg

25kW PT.jpg

Btw there is no output_log file in OxygenNotIncluded_Data


Steps to Reproduce
Hook a load exceeding 20kW without batteries to a large power transformer using heavy watt wire and see what happens. Hook a load exceeding 2kW without batteries to a large power transformer using conductive wire and watch the wire melt (description says transformer prevents overloads but maybe they mean "prevents overloads on heavy watt wires" -- but even this is not correct as noted above).
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The problem is that the output is actually not limited. It works as a simple battery with one-direction flow. The small transformer has the same problem. One of mine small transformer create an overload on a 2 kW cable quite often.

So, for example, if we have one small transformer connected to some load of 4 kW or more, when it is turned on, it tries to output as much energy as it has, in this case, it has 1 kJ, and it does so in one tick, creating a load of 4 kW on this first tick. After that it only has about 250 J left (the input is actually limited to 1 kW or 250 J per tick) so it cannot output more than 1 kW from that moment. But when you turn it off for 3 ticks or more and turn it on again, the overload occurs again. Again and again. The more often it is toggled, the more often an overload happens.

A simple way to create overloads from nothing:


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Are you able to overload the small transformer with no batteries on the load side?  I put 28kW of load on a small transformer and it never turned on more than 1kW of those loads.   

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