Lags 'n crashes on an advance party

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Each time i'm on an advance party, my game lag 'n crash few cycles later. All the resource of my PC aren't used. Need i to unlock somethings or set somethings for the game can use all the RAM and all the CPU ?

ONI Espoir 2745.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
Play with an advance party

Status: Pending

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You cant. The GPU is more or less useless. Oni can run fine on an intel iGPU.

RAM is used as much as needed. It would no good to allocate more RAM. 

But theres always the CPU. The main problem here is, ONI still uses only one core for most of the things. We´ve got some multihreaded tasks, like pipe-network or pathfinding, which was a huge benefit. But everything else runs still on one core. Therefore your CPU wont run at peak performance, because the game does not support this yet.


But there are a few things you can do ingame.

Limit pathing. Dont allow dupes to choose from dozens of possible ways to reach a target. Because everytime a dupe wants to move from a to b, the game calculates every possibility, and chooses one from them. The fewer possible, the lesser performance impact

Use dedicated storage. Mixed compactors are know as hell of a performance problem. Compactor dirt, compactor iron = good. Compactor iron & dirt = bad.

Limit Critters. Critter movement is nearly as heavy as dupe movement, but if you got hundrets of critters and 20 dupes... you get the numbers.

Keep piping (gas, liquid) simple. Every branch costs performance. This wont take much in early bases, but if the network reaches thousands of tiles it sums up pretty quickly. 

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New patch, more lag, cycle 772 the game is unplayable : every seconde the game freeze during one seconde ...

ONI 772 Lag.jpg

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