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Ladders, obstacle to pathing.

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the top rung of the ladder is an obstacle to pathing, after deconstructing it, I was able to get back across. Possibly since there was only a 1 tile clearance?



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Yes, its because the blocked upper tile above of your ladder. It prevents dupes to move straight. 

But it should still work, because they can jump from 1 tile diagonaly to the right tile. 

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Posted (edited)

Currently, when they on grabbing position they only can jump to the side on same level. Unless our dupe have "Spiderman" trait.



It is also applied in reverse, they cannot jump grab diagonally



At this point, I'm not sure about my personal opinion whether Nails should be able to jump-grab that ladder diagonally or not. I'll be happy with dev decision on this matter, as long it works both ways. If able to grab-jump diagonally, then should be able to jump-grab diagonally.


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