Just bought ONI, crashes during startup on macOS

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Recently downloaded ONI on Steam. At launch icon appears in dock, black window appears, then I'm returned to my desktop.

I have verified game files, restarted steam, reinstalled game, cleared the steam download cache, and restarted my computer. The problem is still there. Running on a 2015 Macbook Pro 13in i5 2.9ghz 16gb Intel Iris Graphics 6100.  Player log seems to show there's an issue with steam initializing in time.

Any help would be appreciated!

Steps to Reproduce
Game launch from Steam window on MacOS

User Feedback

oh the good old Windows OS, nothing could go wrong with you. O mighty Windows OS please cleanse Steve Job's sin for tempting these innocent people to taste the forbidden Apple. For they do not know the future they behold.

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