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Jobs Board Missing

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I just started another new run in ONI and when i tried to research Employment i only got the watercooler from it.. shouldnt be the Jobs Board in there aswell?


I tried to use the searchbar on the top right and couldnt find it either.

Steps to Reproduce
NO Mods activated, Steamfiles verified
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User Feedback

It does create a unique situation in Sandbox. If the printer is destroyed,(kinda by accident), then you are no longer able to apply skill points. The skills menu button stays greyed out, and says you must build a jobs board. Which has been removed from the list of buildings creatable. And we can't create a printer pod.

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Changed Status to Closed

As others have pointed out - the Jobs Board was removed from the game, so what you're seeing is intended. We'll look into making the Printing Pod spawnable in sandbox mode to fix the issue @Slvrsrfr mentioned.

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