Intersecting bridge segments can't be built without exiting the menu or issuing a different build order first

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

In order to build intersecting bridges, the build menu needs to be quit and re-entered (or a bridge task needs to be placed at a different location first). Otherwise, the build task can't be placed. The same thing will happen for both liquid and gas bridges.


Steps to Reproduce
1) Select a bridge from the build menu. 2) Place down a bridge 3) Press [O] to rotate 4) Try to place an intersecting bridge 5) It will fail, unless another bridge is placed at a different location first, or the menu is exited and reentered

User Feedback

Not entirely true.They act the same way like powerbridges do. You can place them intersecting, but you have to find the sweetspot where they are allowed to. Its sometimes a bit tricky, and yes, i consider that a bug too. But its doable.

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