Infinitely Falling Sand

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Steam Pending

After digging some mineral underneath some sand my Dupes started digging sand as it was falling and kept going until I stopped the dig command on that tile. 

The graphic for falling sand is stuck in a loop


So far seems harmless and doesn't heavily impede gameplay but I did not see this bug in the tracker unless I missed it. You can't see it here but the tile underneath the falling graphic of sand is also registering as a infinite dig tile just with no graphic.

Steps to Reproduce
I was on the highest speed setting and used the click and drag dig command for the area. I clicked the tiles underneath the sand first then click and dragged the sand right after. Otherwise I do not know what caused this.

User Feedback

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I've had the same issues with sand multiple times, it also prevents me from building underneath where the sand might fall or on the sand block itself, unlike your instance though it usually lowers the speed of the games performance for me.. quite an irritating little issue :/

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