Inexplicable spill of liquids

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In the preview, I have now several times observed what looks like a packet of water or crude oil being displaced out of its pipe and into a neighboring tile. It is possible this happened before as well, but if so, then far less often. I cannot really be specific under which circumstances this happens, as I only did see later when there was liquid in places it should not be and no reason for pipes breaking. On one instance this also happened in a place where dupes have no access, so they could not have repaired a pipe. Yet no breakage was observed. This may be an instance of the same problem with random stuff materializing in compactors or not.

Since I have no specific evidence, just a general observation, I am filing this bug to that others that may have better evidence can add to it.

Steps to Reproduce

No idea. Just let the game run?

User Feedback

.... ....

Well I'm not sure if I've encountered this, but I've randomly had a pipe overheat and then water spill out, but the weird thing is that it was polluted water in a radiant pipe being used to cool a pool of water that my copper volcano is submerged in, yet it should have left clean water when that happened, but yet I somehow ended up with polluted water at the bottom of my pool as seen in the screenshot.


The pipe in question I had one of my dupes go in and repair it (it was up and to the left of the trapped polluted water).

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