Inconsistent behavior of heat transfer on different platforms

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Sorry, English is not my native language.

I discovered inconsistent behavior of Cell-Cell Heat Transfer on different platforms.

on Windows used minimal thermal conductivity

on Linux used average thermal conductivity

I also can't check it on OSX

just little experiment, starting conditions:

2 block of Sandstone 1000 kg 500C

1 block of Copper Ore 1000 kg 0C

1 block of Refined Copper 1000 kg 0C

on Windows:



After a few seconds. It is clearly seen that Refined Copper and Copper Ore are heated at almost the same rate. Obviously, the minimum thermal conductivity is used.


on Linux:



After a few seconds. It is clearly visible that Refined Copper heats up more than three times faster than Copper Ore. obviously, the average thermal conductivity is used.


Also affected on Release Branch




Steps to Reproduce
repeat the experiment as described in the description on Windows and on Linux

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback

.... ....

I rechecked it again right now.
this bug is now really fixed.
but I don’t see a record of this in the patch notes.
Klei applied the "Ninja-patch" again :D

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